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Quality policy


The Management believes that Quality Management is crucial for the future of FRIGORÍFICS FERRER, and for excellence in its field of application, which is the “Handling, sale, and distribution of frozen products and fresh fish.” In this regard, the Management commits to the following points:

  1. Directing all efforts in the business towards customer satisfaction and all stakeholders as the foundation for success through continuous improvement.
  2. Continuing to lead in the food sector, innovating, and growing in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  3. Encouraging an open, positive, and participatory attitude among all employees of the company.
  4. Providing the company with all appropriate and necessary resources, both human and training, to achieve maximum efficiency in each area of activity while meeting product and process requirements.
  5. Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements regarding food safety, product quality, legality, authenticity, and other applicable matters.
  6. Ensuring the maximum quality in all our products.
  7. Working on the implementation of the food safety culture plan and promoting awareness at all levels of the organization.
  8. Working to minimize environmental impact by reducing waste generation and opting for renewable and/or less polluting energies.

Management, 17/10/2023